The 18 Space Marine Legions, once united in a crusade to consolidate all humanity beneath the Emperor’s banner, are riven by betrayal. Now, they fight each other in the bloodiest conflict the galaxy has ever known. Where do your loyalties lie?

What's In The Box?

Get everything you need to play games of Warhammer: The Horus Heresy with the Age of Darkness boxed set. It contains two mighty armies and all the rules and accessories for getting started. So grab a friend, choose a side, and decide the fate of humanity.

Experience a new era of Warhammer – fight the battles that tore the galaxy asunder.
Imposing character miniatures and iconic Mark VI 'Corvus' power armour form the vanguard.
Praetors and Cataphractii Terminators make for a formidable command group.
Lumbering Dreadnoughts crush the opposition with colossal strength and searing firepower.
Massive, heavily-armoured tanks laden with devastating weaponry carry troops into the fray.
Updated rules allow for deeply tactical gameplay with intricate manoeuvres and varied strategies.
54 miniatures build two opposing skirmish forces, or form an iron-hard foundation for your Legion.

Explore the Legions

Dark Angels

We are the First Legion. No other Legion has served the Emperor as long as we. Staunch prosecutors of the Great Crusade, we are merciless on the attack and resolute in defence. Our rituals, traditions, and the primarch Lion El'Johnson guide our path – with sword we strike our foes, and with shield we guard our secrets.

Emperor’s Children

We are the Emperor's Children. For us, the pursuit of perfection consumes all, and those with the skill to grasp it find everlasting glory within our ranks. Each battle is a performance, each duel a deadly dance to be enjoyed, and by the honour of our primarch, Fulgrim, we are the greatest warriors in the entire galaxy.

Iron Warriors

We are the Iron Warriors. Masters of siege warfare, we withstand all assaults and emerge victorious through focused firepower and relentless determination. Ours is the will to advance when all others break and cower. With our primarch, Perturabo, at our vanguard, there is no obstacle we cannot overcome.

White Scars

We are the White Scars. We ride as swiftly as the wind, and pursue our prey to the bitter end. Our tactics are unconventional, our strategies fierce and shifting like the storm. When we charge, it is an unstoppable spear thrust into our foes' weakest point. None can anticipate us. None can withstand us.

Space Wolves

We are the Space Wolves. We arrive with the fury of a winter storm, and tear apart the foes of Humanity with instinctive aggression and merciless savagery. Our primarch is Leman Russ, a warrior and king without compare – and while those who fear our Legion's wrath label us barbarians, our loyalty to the Emperor is beyond question.

Imperial Fists

We are the Imperial Fists. We raise fortresses. We demolish the walls of our enemies. We are the defenders of Terra, the birthplace of humanity. Indomitable of will, unbreakable in spirit, we are the Emperor’s shield. Some call the VII Legion stubborn – we prefer vigilant.

Night Lords

We are the Night Lords. We are terror incarnate, the shadow that stalks the night. Once tools of bloody justice, we now sow fear and discord across the galaxy, broken bodies and bloody examples left in our wake. Let those who cower behind walls and bastions believe themselves safe – when we are through, only carrion will remain.

Blood Angels

We are the Blood Angels. Our primarch is Sanguinius, he who flies upon angelic wings. War is art, and we paint our masterpieces in the blood of our enemies. There is beauty in death, and none are more adept and skilful at dealing it than we.

Iron Hands

We are the Iron Hands – the Iron Tenth. The cold efficiency of logic guides our every stratagem. With unyielding will, we master the rites of war and surpass the weakness of our mortal flesh. Nothing can withstand the withering fusillades of artillery and bolter fire we unleash upon our foes.

World Eaters

We are the World Eaters. There is no foe that can best us, no fight that we cannot win, for we are gladiators born and warriors bred. Infused with fury by the Butcher's Nails implanted in our skulls, at Angron's command we devour entire worlds. In Khorne's name, all before us shall know the bite of our blades.


We are the Ultramarines. We fight the right way, at the right time, for the right reasons – and that is why we win. Precision and cooperation are powerful weapons. Once you have mastered the correct way to execute every manoeuvre, pursue every objective, and carry out every command, no foe will be able to overcome you.

Death Guard

We are the Death Guard. Once loyal lapdogs of a corrupted Imperium, we threw off our chains and serve none but the Father of Plagues, Nurgle, by whose gifts we are freed from suffering. Our march is unstoppable, our will unbreakable. Injury and pestilence are nothing to those who embrace them, and through them we live eternal.

Thousand Sons

We are the Thousand Sons. While other Legions rely on crude technology or brute savagery for their power, we are masters of the arcane. Our sorceries bend reality and break minds, for the secrets of the universe are ripe for the taking – should you only prove bold enough to grasp them.

Sons of Horus

We are the Sons of Horus. Once called the Luna Wolves, we now bear the name of our primarch, Warmaster and greatest of the Emperor's sons – Horus. Ours is a Legion apart – we are the tip of the spear, conquering more worlds than any other in this Great Crusade. Yet the Emperor does not know our worth. Why now should we bow to him?

Word Bearers

We are the Word Bearers, and we seek the truth. Not the so-called Imperial Truth, spread by the liars and sycophants of Terra, but the reality that waits beyond physical laws. We see the burning heart of the cosmos, and we embrace its power. Led by our primarch, Lorgar, we will stop at nothing to spread the true faith across the stars.


We are the Salamanders. Through strength and sacrifice, we blaze the trail ahead. Just as our primarch, Vulkan, is a master of the forge, so too do we hone the weapons of war: tenacity, courage, and fortitude. In battle, we wield the cleansing flame to expunge the errors of pride and arrogance – and raise humanity to the Imperial Truth.

Raven Guard

We are the Raven Guard. We strike from the shadows, and our enemies do not know their fate until the killing blow has been struck. Our primarch, Corvus Corax, has taught us the values of stealth, secrecy, and subterfuge. When open war must be waged, we seek every advantage, eschewing vainglory in favor of certain victory.

Alpha Legion

We are the Alpha Legion. Masters of deception, duplicity, and diversion, we strike at the heart of this corrupted Imperium. Our tactics are labyrinthine, our methods inscrutable – and our reasons are our own. The twin primarchs Alpharius and Omegon walk among us unseen, and while our loyalties may be questioned, our skills may not.